Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lamontagne Parent Council Fundraiser

Fundraising has never been so easy – Lamontagne let’s you order on-line.  Get your out of town friends and relatives to place their order on-line.  No minimum order, no shipping fees and it will get mailed directly to their door.  Facebook it, tweet it, text it – tell them to follow this link: then provide them with your child’s personal fundraising code.


You can obtain a personal code for your child, by going to:  this same link and filling in the simple four questions.  The school code you need in order to create a personalized selling code for your child is C943-CA992


Seriously – reaching out of town friends and family who always wished they could participate in your child’s fundraising efforts, has never been easier or more convenient.  Suggest they have a look at the” $10 or less brochure” to get some great gifts for Christmas this year, without ever having to enter a store or wait in the huge line-ups.  The “Collection brochure” has many great household items, including wrapping paper and cards…and of course the “Gourmet brochure” will help out with the Christmas baking.  There has never been a better time to shop Lamontagneand with no shipping charges and no minimum order, and your child receiving 70% of the profit into their student accounts, this is a great way to help fund your child’s camping trip with the school in the Spring or clothing order, or whatever.  Orders need to be placed, no later than November 14, 2014 to guarantee receipt within the first couple weeks of December.



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