Wednesday, October 01, 2014

JAWSS Today - Group Chants

Today during JAWSS each group made  chant or a cheer based on their House Team (Makos, Hammerheads, Tigers and Bulls). JAWSS teachers asked their groups to come up with a chant/cheer/saying for their group.

The chant/cheer/saying must have included the teacher’s name it and groups were challenged to include the 'Three Levels of Sharkdom' in it as well and must be around 15 seconds long.

A great example is Mr. Johnson's group!

These were the rules to get this challenge accomplished.

Have fun and be creative. 
Videos must include the teacher's name and be about 15 seconds long.

All the groups did a great job getting these done in under 35 minutes. All groups started from scratch at the start of today's JAWSS lesson!

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