Wednesday, October 22, 2014

JAWSS- 3 Questions that will Change the World (@iamkidpresident)

Today during JAWSS class we took some time to reflect on our own life and the lives of others. We watched this video from Kid President.

We then asked each student to answer the following three questions.
1. What are you not ok with?
2. What do you have?
3. What can we do about it?
The, we asked how their idea to help fit into our Three Levels of Sharkdom.
The responses from students were fantastic. Students used Showbie to get the 'assignment' and then a variety of ways to respond. Some used pen and paper, some students used Showbie, and some used an app called Notability. Then students uploaded their responses back into Showbie or emailed their responses to their JAWSS teacher or Mr. Abram (and Mr. Mead).
Here are a few responses from students. Every student in attendance today was asked to consider these three questions. 
To get a bigger view of each image, click it!

Ask your child how they responded.
Parents can sign up for the JAWSS class in Showbie as well to see some of the things we do in JAWSS throughout the year. To do so, go to Showbie and download the app to an iOS device (iPad only) or sign up on a computer. Sign up as a student. The course code to enrol in the JAWSS class is TG9L4. If you get lost or are unsure how to proceed, ask your child. We use this app lots! It's a great way to share files.

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