Monday, October 06, 2014

Artist in the School Residency Program

For the next three weeks students at George Waters will get the opportunity to learn writing skills from a local artist. Each year, George Waters MS participates in the Artist in rge School Program.

The artist at George Waters this year is author Donna Besel -

Donna Besel loves writing of all kinds: short stories, novels, poems, articles, songs. Her work has been published in anthologies and magazines.  Donna has won scholarships and awards, including second place in Prairie Fire’s national writing contest, a finalist spot in CBC’s Canada Writes, and a short-list nomination for CBC’s Literary Awards. Her writing, fuelled by a strong desire to look long and hard at difficult subjects, has been called “deeply moving, yet realistic” and “powerful and compelling.” She teaches creative writing to all ages, in classrooms, workshops, retreats, and many other venues.

The program that Ms. Bessel will be delivering to our students is:

Finding Your Voice.  In these creative writing classes, each student will be challenged to find his or her unique writer’s voice.  They will discover they all have something to say and the ability and the right to say it.  Each session will include creative writing exercises, challenging discussions, imagination openers, verbal feedback from fellow students, and tips to access internal motivation. Students will be encouraged to observe people, situations, and the world around them with compassionate detachment.  They will listen to each other, role play, and read their work aloud. If the school selects a two-week residency, students will also learn about the basic elements of a short story, including character, plot, theme, dialogue, mood, viewpoint, conflict, rising action, climax, resolution, and audience. They will write, revise, and edit an original short story. If requested, each class collection of stories can be bound and distributed, and students can do formal readings to a larger audience.

To see the schedule of when each class gets this great opportunity please visit this link.


Ms. Donna Bessel, Artist in the School Residency, is at #GWMSwpg for the next three weeks working with all classes. Check our blog for more info.

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