Friday, September 26, 2014

Terry Fox Day at GWMS

We had a great day today celebrating Terry Fox at George Waters Middle School.

We started our day with a class assignment about perseverance and dedication. Each students drew messages of hope onto running shoes. These will be posted around the school.

After the classroom activity all students came to the gym to watch a documentary about Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope.

We also unveiled our Terry Fox 5 and 10 Year Involvement Banners! This means GWMS has been donating to the Terry Fox Foundation for the last 10 years.

After the movie students had the chance to purchase feathers to dress Mr. Abram and Mr. Mead up as chickens. All money raised goes to the Terry Fox Foundation. After all the sales Mr. Abram and Mr. Mead danced the Chicken Dance in front of all the students.

Today, GWMS students exhibited all the parts of the Three Levels of Sharkdom. We all 'Got Involved', we got the chance to 'Stand Up for Others' and as well, had the chance to 'Be a Philanthropist'. Students got involved by engaging in the Terry Fox activities, Stood Up for Others by spreading the message of the Marathon of Hope taking care of each other because we are all affected by cancer in some way, and each of us were 'Philanthropists' by raising money for cancer research, or by making someone else's day better by cheering them on during the Terry Fox Run Walk.

A big THANK YOU to all the members of the PS Club for putting on a great morning for Terry Fox!

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