Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gym Blast Today at George Waters

Today at George Waters we started our annual Gym Blast 'Competition'. Student's are divided into four groups called the:

  • Bulls
  • Hammerheads
  • Makos
  • Tigers
These are all types of Sharks. At George Waters, we are HOME OF THE SHARKS! These groups play in friendly games throughout the year. Each game will earn their team points which we add up as the year goes along.

The idea behind our Gym Blasts is to allow students to have fun, meet students from different classes and build our school culture. The games are created so anyone can participate and have fun. The goal is for everyone to 'GET INVOLVED'.

Great job by all the students who jumped in and got involved. Thanks to Mr Bonnici for organizing our Gym Blast and all the teachers who helped run events! Ask your child what they got involved in during the Gym Blast!

King George and King Waters kicked off the Gym Blast Games for 2014 at George Waters once again this year!!

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