Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day at George Waters

Today at George Waters we celebrated International Dot Day! Dot Day is all about encouraging creativity and connecting. The Book 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds is About perseverance, believing in yourself and creativity.

These posters were placed all around the school to remind everyone that creativity is important and that we are all individuals.We all have the ability to Make a Mark at George Waters in a positive way.

At the end of the day today each GWMS student went to their homerooms to watch a short movie taken from a book called The Dot by Peter Reynolds. You can watch it here.

After that students were asked to make their own dot and think about what mark they would each make at GWMS this year. Each student was given this paper to create their own dot and write about how they would make their mark this year.

Students did some great work to show off their creativity and kindness.

Mr. Mead also made one.

Students and staff were also encouraged to dress up as well. Our school was full of dots today!!

The final copy of student's creative work was handed in to Mr. Mead at the end of the day. Throughout the year Mr. Mead will post student's dot in this bulletin board to show off their great work!

Come check out their great work and ask your child what they wrote about today and how they will make their mark at George Waters Middle School this year!

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