Sunday, August 24, 2014

Home-School Communication

We are always trying to improve the home-school communication with the families at GWMS.

At George Waters MS we have at least 10 minutes at the end of every school day in our homerooms. This year we plan to get students to email their parents with what happened at school that day (daily).

What information would you want to hear from your child about their school day?

Kids! What information would you want to make sure your parents/guardians/grandparents etc know about your day?

Please comment below or email Mr. Mead at

Thanks for your feedback!

Mr. Mead


  1. 1. Tell me something that made you happy/sad/laugh out loud.
    2. Who did you eat lunch with?
    3. One new thing you learned or observed
    4. Who sits beside/behind you?
    5. Homework?
    6. What's the lunch special in the cafeteria tomorrow?

  2. Name your high and low of the day. List any homework/deadlines. Any celebrations/events/fundraisers/tests coming up? Name one thing you are proud of yourself for today. Name one thing you would like to work to improve.
    C. Fierback