Monday, May 26, 2014

What's Happening in School Today? Grade 8 LA

In LA today students continue to work on their final assessment. The student's job is to create a survival guide on how to survive in the story world like the road. 

It's a book about a post apocalyptic world, and the story follows a man and a boy's struggle to survive. (Katelyn)

I asked students if this is a challenging assignment. These are their responses:

It's not that hard because we've been practicing these things all year and this is just a combination of everything we learned. It's not so much hard, as it is time-consuming. Completing work and being happy with the final result is what makes doing work fun. - Cole 8-12

This is fun because we get to have lots of freedom with how we want to make it ~ Katelyn

There is a lot of choice in this type of final assessment. Kids are motivated to work hard to put forward their best effort. It's great to see kids having fun, working hard in LA during a final assessment (exam). 

This is essentially a final exam. Kids don't feel it is because they said it's fun but still gives them a chance to show off what they've learned throughout the  year. 

Some great insight from some smart, young GWMS students. This class made my day and re-affirms my beliefs in assessment and helping students become motivated to learn and work hard. 

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