Monday, May 12, 2014

What's Happening at School Today? Gr 6 LA

Today in gr 6 Language Art students are learning about parts of speech. 

Students are making videos using their iPads that give examples of all the different parts of speech. 

Students find examples of the different parts of speech in things they watch everyday online or on TV. 

The engagement level in this class was great. Kids were keen in finding and showing where the different parts of speech occur in everyday life. 

I asked students this question?

How do iPads help me with my work?

They make everything a lot more fun because I'm used to doing everything on paper but this is a change. I also find everything much more interesting when I'm doing projects because it helps me get into whatever I'm doing. ~Sarah

Mrs. Harland is goin to publish these videos to her blog. (

When I told students Mrs. Harland is going to publish their work, students said this:

I should make it as better so people well think I'm smart. Quintin 

Oh goodness! (Mr. Mead told me to use this word, the word I used is not blog friendly). I have to work hard to make it awesome because the world is going to see it. Daniel and Melvin 

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