Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's Happening at GWMS today? Teacher Adviser Time - JAWSS - Topic: Trustworthiness

Today at GWMS we had JAWSS. JAWSS runs, usually, two times a month. In JAWSS students develop their Comprehensive Growth Portfolio and we talk about current events and character education. JAWSS is set up with students from grade 6, 7, and 8 and they stay with the same teacher for 3 years.

Today's topic was trustworthiness.

This is a very timely topic. Every student at GWMS has been given an iPad to assist them with their school work. Many students also come to school with their own device. What we are finding lately with some students is they are using their iPads or personal device inappropriately with text messaging apps and/or social media.We need to trust that what students share online or with friends through text messaging is safe and appropriate. The main rule is: 'If my mom sees this am I going to get in trouble?'

All the groups, today, discussed what it means to show that they are trustworthy online and what it looks like. Overall, GWMS students do a great job staying safe online and taking care of their digital tattoo (footprint). (Mr. Mead prefers digital tattoo over digital footprint because what is posted online is there forever, like a tattoo).

There are many apps out there that make it easy for families to watch for to ensure their child stays safe online. The number and types of these apps grow daily. For an example of what to look for please click here. This was a blog post I made a number of weeks ago.

To help our child stay safe online it may be necessary to restrict the iPad or their iPod/iPhone to limit the websites and apps they are allowed to use. To learn more about how to restrict a device please click here.

The best way to ensure your child is staying safe online is to look through their device on a regular basis. More than likely they are being very trustworthy. In cases where mistakes are made, setting up restrictions may be a good idea.

Please contact the office if you need help or have any questions. Comments are appreciated!

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