Monday, April 28, 2014

What's Happening in School Today? Grade 7 Science

Today in Science students are working on  the Earth's crust. Students were asked to find a diagram of the Earth's crust.
After finding a good diagram students were asked to make a model of the diagram they found using clay, by drawing it or using their iPad to make a presentation using Keynote. The model needs to be clearly labelled too. 

Students are given lots of choice to get this assignment done. Why is choice good?

Working with clay and choice gives us time to work with more of what we want. Brady 

We get to choose what we want which helps us work better. 

This was a motivated and fun class to observe. Students were on task and worked hard to show what they know about the Earth's crust. Fun to see the different ways our students can work on assignments based on what their strengths are. 

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