Monday, April 28, 2014

Track and Field Construction Update

Our new Track and Field and outdoor  basketball court are looking great! We all want to start using this as soon as possible but we still have some time to wait.

The grass on the field needs to start growing so it takes. In the mean time we ask that everyone stays off the grass until further notice. We want to make sure it grows in well!

The track still has some work to be done as well. The lines needed to be painted still and some finishing work still needs to be looked at. This is still a construction area as the Beach Volleyball Court is being worked on soon. 

The Outdoor Basketball Court is essentially complete! BUT... We still can't use it as it is in a construction area as well. We want to make sure everyone stays safe. 

Once all the work will be done this will be a fabulous place for our school and our community to use and be active in a safe manner. 

Thanks for not using these until it is open completely. 

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