Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Today in Grade 7 Phys Ed

Today in Phys Ed class is Work Out Wednesday. Students chose stations to choose from to do a workout. 

Students recorded their answers in Showbie after each station. Mrs. Butcher made 14 stations and students chose 8 I them. They did each station for one and a half minutes. 

At the end of the workout students were asked the following questions: 

Here is one students responses to the questions: 

1) bench jumps
2) v-sit
3) to get fit and these are easy activities that I can do at home.

All students were engaged and worked hard to complete their workout. 

After students completes their workout they chose an activity or piece of equipment to use with a partner. 

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  1. You're very welcome! It's good for me too as it forces me in the classroom and I get a chance to talk to kids about what they are learning. Hopefully we can get more teachers to do this or student bloggers to do more of this next year. (or maybe this year! I just got an idea!)

    triwriter45 wrote:
    I love this idea. Even when the post isn't about my child or even their grade, these posts give insight into what goes on where they spend the majority of their time. It gives me more ideas of what to ask to get information from them.
    Now, if we could only get a few more teachers to work with blogs or even weekly updates.
    Great Job, Mr Mead!