Wednesday, February 05, 2014

GWMS Staff Appreciation - Letter from our Parent Counci

February 10 -14 , 2014

Once a year there is National recognition for the work our Principal, Vice Principal, Guidance Counsellor, Teacher’s, Educational Assistants, Administrative support and custodians do with and for our children throughout the year.  History has allowed GWMS Parent Council to do something to recognize all of them during this week, however, last year we found asking the parents of the Graduating class (Grade 8) to make or purchase treats as a way to say thank you to the staff, was very successful.  The parents were happy to participate and it meant much more to the staff to receive this from the parents, as opposed to receiving something from the Parent Council.

Treats could include, but are not limited to , cookies, apples, fruit or veggie trays, little dainties, spinach dip, juice, cake, muffins, meat & cheese trays, crackers, anything at all for the staff and faculty to enjoy during their morning and/or afternoon breaks.
I would like to coordinate this with you as much as possible in an effort to see that each day they are recognized in some small way.  If you could donate to the celebration of appreciation, please email me back, so that we are providing something for them each day as opposed to everybody donating on the same day.  My email address is .

GWMS has 50 staff members, so it would be nice if with 110 Grade 8 students, we could get at least 10 – 20 parents to contribute snacks or other little tokens of appreciation (it doesn’t necessarily have to be food) for the GWMS staff, to celebrate this week of recognition.
We thank you for your consideration.

Dara Mayo, On behalf of the GWMS Parent Council

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