Monday, December 09, 2013

PS Club Honoured at the Legislative Building

On Thursday, December 5, 2013 the GWMS PS Club was honoured with a visit to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly where the MLA for St. James (Ms. Deanne Crothers) made a member's statement about the great work our students are doing helping those in need in our community and beyond.

Below is a transcript of the official statement that Ms. Crothers made and a picture of the GWMS PS Club representatives with Ms. Crothers and Honourable James Allum (Minister of Education) Follow this link to to Hansard where the member’s statements were recorded. Click here

Transcipt of Ms. Crother's member statement.

Philanthropic Sharks Program
Ms. Deanne Crothers (St. James): Mr. Speaker, I would like to congratulate some exceptional students from George Waters Middle School who take part in the school's Philanthropic Sharks program. Through fundraisers, donation drives and awareness events, this program has helped students at George Waters make an impact on the world over the last five years.
The Philanthropic Sharks program uses an open format that allows any student in the school to participate. They come and go depending on the event the group is planning and the interests the student has. On average, 30 students participate in the club at any given time. The projects the Philanthropic Sharks choose to work on are completely up to the students. Every event the group plans or cause they support begins as their idea.
These students are empowered to find what they are passionate about and work with staff to make their dreams a reality. It could be something simple like handing out free cookies on antibullying day to brighten someone's afternoon. It could be collecting donations for the Make a Wish Foundation, Winnipeg Harvest, the Terry Fox Foundation or Koats for Kids.
Last year the Sharks partnered with neighbouring St. James Collegiate to host a mini We Day. This event celebrated the achievements of the school's student groups and promoted local social programs with guest speakers from the United Way, Red Cross, Winnipeg Harvest and the Winnipeg Jets
Mr. Speaker, these students perfectly embody their school philosophy: get involved, stand up for others, be a philanthropist. They are creative individuals who when inspired by a moral cause take action into their own hands to help others.
I would also like to acknowledge the support and leadership of Principal Andrew Mead who is absolutely committed to the students of George Waters. He consistently finds new opportunities for his students to experience the world and enrich their life perspective.
Thank you very much to the Philanthropic Sharks for increasing kindness in St. James. I also ask leave to table the students' names, Mr. Speaker, so that they may appear in Hansard.
Thank you very much.

Mr. Speaker: Is there leave of the House for the names of the individuals mentioned in the member's statement to be included in today's Hansard?

Some Honourable Members: Leave.

Mr. Speaker: Leave has been granted.

Philanthropic Sharks (Students):
Briana Ehramntraut, Bostyn Evans, Mouna Zeid, Mary McPherson, Torey Eidse, Tina Williams, Aman Saini, Jaide Williams, Camisha Pruden, MacKenzie McLeod, Jayna Dodd, Gwenyth De Guzman, Meghan Fast, Amalie Herath, Ayoub Moustarszak, Zachary Caithness, Jennifer Lansang, Ellaine Capistrano, Francesca Allora, Jared Salvador, Adiam Negash

Philanthropic Sharks (Staff):

Myriame Orloff, Glynis Zubec, Cara Harland, Kiara Solomon, Shelley Riddell, Jaine Martin, Dina Coutris

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