Thursday, December 12, 2013

Outdoor Lunch Guidelines - REGULATION: JLIAB-R

1. Recess (lunch) will take place out-of-doors whenever possible.

2. When the weather is questionably cold, principals or their designate will contact the nearest Environment Canada weather office and determine the “wind chill hazard”, at the Winnipeg Airport, at that time. Individuals telephoning should also ascertain whether the wind chill hazard is increasing, decreasing, or remaining constant.

3. Having determined the wind chill hazard and its relative movement, the principal will announce “indoor recess” (lunch) if the wind chill hazard is at or over -28°C. When the wind chill hazard is between –25°C and –28°C, outdoor recess may be allowed but under no circumstances will children be allowed outside for longer than ten minutes. It is the principal’s responsibility to ensure that this time line is stringently enforced.

4. On days when there is insufficient wind to produce a wind chill hazard reading, temperature will be the determinant concerning indoor recess. If the temperature is -29°C or lower, recess will be indoors. If the temperature is between -25°C and -28°C, outdoor recess  (lunch) may be allowed, but for no longer than ten minutes.

5. This directive applies to lunch hours and any other outdoor activities related to school.

6. Teachers will ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.

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