Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Parent Council Fundraising #2: Lamontagne Fundraising

Date:  21 October 2013

Fundraising Makes It Happen At George Waters Middle School

Dear Parents:

It is once again time to start raising necessary funds for our School.  In an effort to provide a fundraiser that will include “something affordable for everyone”, at every price point,   We are pleased to introduce Lamontagne Fundraising Catalogues Fall COLLECTION 2013 Program! 

Here’s how it works:

Each participant is receiving one package containing the following along with a 4 part order form, collection money envelope and a cumulative PRIZE program poster:
LAMONTAGNES HOLIDAY COLLECTION! !! A catalogue offered online as well www.lamontagne.ca, HOLIDAY gift ideas, Kitchen gadgets and colourful novelties, all occasion cards; take a look at page 7 for MOM’s BUSY YEAR CALENDAR ORGANIZER ……a little something for everyone !!  (50% profit)

Taking orders from relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues at your workplace will really help to accumulate sales.  Invite out-of-town friends and relatives to view all catalogues online at www.lamontagne.ca and then call or e-mail their order to you. You can view all brochure products online and make your choice(s) on the attached order form.  Please collect the money when you take the order.  No orders can be accepted without payment. 

Important Dates and Information:

Return the top three copies (white, yellow and pink) of the order form and monies collected on or before November 8, 2013 in order to ensure a timely return of the final order before the holidays. Please make sure that your child’s name is on both the order form and the money envelope.  Retain the green copy for your records.  Please expect approximately 4 weeks for delivery.
All cheques must be made payable to George Waters Middle School Parent Council.

As our special “thank you” for your efforts, this fundraiser includes some prizes for your family:

Included inside each brochure package is a poster listing all of the prizes each child may receive when they reach their specific sales target.  No need to select prizes as your families prizes earned are delivered with our “thanks” with your order upon delivery in approximately three weeks. PLUS…. The top sellers from each grade will win a prize.

Grade 6 Top Seller receives a space scooter                          Grade 7 & 8 Top Seller will each receive an Ipod Nano
See web site at www.spacescooter.ca

This is a simple way for us to raise much-needed funds for the School so let’s do it together and make it a huge success. 

Profits from these sales are split as follows:  70% to student accounts and 30% to parent council fund.  Please see the updated “Operating Guidelines for student accounts” on the school’s web site, under the parent council link:  http://georgewaters.sjsd.net/Parent%20Council  This will explain how your child can use their student accounts while enrolled in George Waters Middle School.

Thank you in advance for your efforts and your on-going support!

Any questions, please contact Dara Mayo at thenewfie@shaw.ca, 204 770-4476

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